engineered-flooring-semi-solidIn regards to caring for solid hardwood floors, little maintenance is required. However, to help you to get the best performance, we have compiled this useful guide to give you a few useful hints and tips.

As a premium quality flooring range, strong wood is fabricated from one piece of timber such as Oak or Walnut. Offering superior strength and durability, solid hardwood floors not only looks amazing but will withstand the test of time too.

Adding authentic validity and pure elegance to any room setting, solid wood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners. The ability to be sanded and sanded means you can restore or enhance its classic look. Famous for add value to your property, wood flooring is a smart investment.

Top 5 Tips to Care for Solid Wood Flooring

  1. Assess the room suitability before fitting
  2. Routine upkeep will guard its own durability
  3. Clean up spillages as swiftly as you can
  4. Prevent excessive sun
  5. Avoid scratches with felt pads, cut claws without high heels!

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